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Reversing Systems

Everyone at some time has had trouble seeing what’s behind them or judging the distance between vehicles while trying to ‘squeeze’ into the only free car parking space in sight. It can be the sort of moment that can ruin your day.

Stress no more! With quality parking sensors installed into your vehicles front and rear bumpers, parking is a breeze, and reversing is safer. Your vehicle’s distance from obstacles is indicated by a sequence of beeps from an internal speaker. It’s easy! The closer you get the faster it beeps.

Reversing Systems come in many different forms and combinations some have camera's some have sensors some have screens in the dash some have rear vision mirror Replacement screens.

The sales team at Audio Indulgence will gladly take you through the options that would most suit your situation, whether safety is a primary concern or ease of parking or even to toe the caravan on that much needed holiday

Not only do we supply and install and extensive range of premium quality aftermarket reversing systems, we have the expertise to integrate reversing cameras to some factory fitted navigation screens.
So make the most of that factory colour screen and upgrade it with a reversing camera digital tv.

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